DermTriage™ Makes Teledermatology Practical​

Referring providers use DermTriage to take standardized skin images of their patients’ concerns and send e-consults to local dermatologists for triage.​

How DermTriage™ Works​


Referring providers capture clinical quality skin images.
Referring providers capture clinical quality skin images.


Referring providers capture clinical quality skin images.
Dermatologists remotely triage incoming consults on any device.


Referring providers capture clinical quality skin images.
Consult reports are sent back to the referring provider.

Perfect Images, Every Time​

Because the blur effect has no place in clinical photography​.

  • Simple user interface
  • Guided image capture
  • Overview and dermatoscopic imaging
  • Automated quality detection
TD Image4

Spots, Rashes, Acne, and Everything In Between

Our imagers can capture nearly all skin concerns in a standardized way, including:

TD Image5
  • Acne vulgaris​
  • Alopecia​
  • Cutaneous infections​
  • Cysts​
  • Eczema​
  • Folliculitis​
  • Nevi (moles)​
  • Psoriasis​
  • Rosacea​
  • Seborrheic keratosis (age spots)​
  • Skin cancers​
  • Skin tags​
  • Vascular lesions​
  • Vitiligo​
  • Warts​
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E-Consult Platform Built for Dermatologists​

Intuitive e-consult software built for speed and accuracy.

  • Simple inbox to see incoming consults
  • Evaluation portal for quick triage
  • Accessible from any device

Made for Your Workflow​

Only minimal training is required to fit the needs of any primary care office, retail clinic, or other imaging location​.

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teledermatology simple


Easy user interface designed for users with no dermatological expertise.

teledermatology spot on


Dermatoscopes capture standardized information about moles including pigment networks.

teledermatology standardized


Guided info and image collection to ensure high quality consults every time.​

teledermatology seamless


Customizable workflow to fit your EHR, reporting, and billing procedures.​

teledermatology secure


HIPAA secure, built on AWS with device and communication encryption.​

Save Time, Referrals, and Lives​

teledermatology time

Most teledermatology consults are read within 24 hours

teledermatology plusminus 2

Over 50% of skin concerned are triaged out at primary care

teledermatology urgent

Urgent concerns are seen within two weeks

Dermatologists are in short supply. Only 30-40% of skin concerns undergo a dermatologist’s review.​

Reach Your Patients Remotely OR Extend Your Practice​

Join our network of teledermatologists improving access to patients everywhere​.

teledermatology triage

Triage Referrals

Maximize your time in the clinic by screening out benign skin concerns before a referral is made.

teledermatology reimbursed

Get Reimbursed

We know reimbursement. We’ve got you covered, figuratively and literally.

teledermatology network

Local Derm Network

No room? Use our local network of dermatologists to manage urgent referrals.

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Want to see DermTriage™ in action?

DermTriage FAQ

What is DermTriage?

DermTriage™ facilitates dermatology access by streamlining referrals from primary care with e-consults.​ Using a handheld imaging device, trained users take standardized images of patients’ skin concerns and send the consults to local dermatologists for remote triage.​ DermTriage is a HIPAA-secure telemedicine service that uses a simple user interface, guided image capture, and automated quality detection to get the perfect image, every time.

How does DermTriage work?

Providers can use DermTriage as an alternative to a traditional referral for patients with skin concerns, such as acne, rashes, and spots. Trained users, typically medical assistants, capture clinical quality skin images, and other pertinent information, at the point of care, then send the consults to remote dermatologists for triage. In just a few minutes, dermatologists can review patients’ medical history, information about the skin condition, and standardized images using the secure e-consult web portal to determine if the patient needs an in-person referral. The entire consult, including images, captured information, and results from the dermatologist’s review, is summarized in a PDF consult report, which can be attached to the patient’s medical record.

Who is DermTriage for?

DermTriage is designed for primary care clinics and health systems or organizations that deliver primary care services.