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Looking at the Retina

Precise & Affordable Disease Diagnosis

Digital Diagnostics is a healthcare technology company that designs and implements artificial intelligence (AI) systems that can diagnose disease by analyzing high-quality images.

Digital Diagnostics’ mission is to benefit patients by developing technology to make healthcare easier to access, affordable, available to everyone, and of the highest quality.

“Help increase access, reduce costs, and improve the quality of care for those that need it most.”

Built on a foundation of bioethical principles, Digital Diagnostics is creating impactful AI diagnostic systems that improve patient outcomes and address existing barriers to care. Using AI, we can create solutions that help increase access, reduce costs, and improve the quality of care for those that need it most.

Digital Diagnostics’ flagship product, LumineticsCore™, is an AI system designed to diagnose diabetes related eye disease without needing a physician to look at the images. LumineticsCore can help increase patient access to care by bringing diagnostic results to where the patient already is, referring only those patients that need follow-up care and eliminating the need for an additional appointment for most people. This enables providers to close the eye exam for diabetes care gap by offering a specialty level diagnostic exam at the point-of-care.

Digital Diagnostics Patient
Digital Diagnostics LumineticsCore

Improved Productivity & Outcomes

Specialty care providers can also benefit from point-of-care diagnosis with increased referrals from primary care, less time spent on routine exams, and more time to practice top of license and treat the people that need them most.

Digital Diagnostics has diligently worked with healthcare industry stakeholders, from regulators, to providers, to patient advocacy groups to establish AI diagnosis as the new standard of care. Digital Diagnostics is a healthcare AI leader that has shown that intelligent diagnostic platforms can be deployed safely and responsibly to improve patient outcomes and increase healthcare productivity.

Digital Diagnostics LumineticsCore Patient Results Review
Digital Diagnostics LumineticsCore Interface

Pioneering AI in Healthcare Diagnostics

In partnership with industry stakeholders, Digital Diagnostics has helped pave the path for the use of AI diagnosis in healthcare including establishing industry firsts such as:

  • Real-world clinical launch & EHR integration of an FDA cleared autonomous diagnostic system
  • Creation of the first ever autonomous AI CPT® category 1 code for billing and payment
  • Inclusion in the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO)’s diabetic retinopathy Preferred Practice Pattern (PPP)


LumineticsCore has helped lay the foundation for autonomous AI diagnosis in healthcare, but that is only the beginning. We are eager to continue building upon the foundation that has been created with an expanded platform of disease detectors and an even greater patient impact.

Digital Diagnostics LumineticsCore Interface