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Our Mission & Vision Explained

Digital Diagnostics is committed to revolutionizing healthcare worldwide, while prioritizing equitable patient outcomes.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To transform the affordability, accessibility and quality of healthcare worldwide through the automation of medical diagnosis and treatment.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To be the world leader in developing safe, effective, and equitable AI platforms that improve patient outcomes.

Our Approach to AI



Our AI systems enable disease detection at the point-of-care that would typically involve specialists, increasing patient access.

Clinically Aligned

Clinically Aligned

Our algorithms are developed with insights from leading medical experts and are based on existing clinical practice guidelines.



Our deep learning-based detectors search for the same signs of disease as a clinician, so we know how the AI came to its decision.

Our Products

LumineticsCore™: Autonomous AI That Detects Disease

Increase patient access to early diabetic retinopathy detection.

Product and Real-World Evidence

Addressing Health Equity With a High-Risk Underserved Patient Population Using Autonomous AI

Read how LumineticsCore™ is transforming care and access for patients at Cahaba Medical Care

How Did Digital Diagnostics Come About?

Digital Diagnostics' leaders and users discuss how ethical AI improves access to quality healthcare for all people, wherever they are, particularly for those in underserved communities.

Founder Story

How Did Digital Diagnostics Come About?

Digital Diagnostics is the brainchild of Michael Abràmoff, MD, PhD, who theorized that a computer might be able to help patients get diagnosed at an earlier stage when effective treatment is still possible.


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About Digital Diagnostics

Find out how Digital Diagnostics pioneers AI-driven healthcare, enhancing accessibility, affordability, and quality.

History of Digital Diagnostics

Discover how Digital Diagnostics became the first company to receive FDA clearance to diagnose with an AI diagnostic platform without physician input.

Founder Story

Learn how Dr. Michael Abramoff envisioned and brought to life the use of computers to help diagnose patients at an earlier stage, enabling effective treatment.


View our Leadership Team, Advisors, and Board of Directors that drive the mission and vision of Digital Diagnostics.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Explore Digital Diagnostics' dedication to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, shaping the future with ethical AI while making healthcare solutions safe, equitable, and accessible.

LumineticsCore™ really is cutting-edge technology that helps me market to patients, prevent vision loss from diabetes, and improve my quality scores.

Lee Herman

Lee Herman, MD, FACP

Johns Creek Primary Care

An immediate point-of-care result is great to close the communication loop with the patient. The more you can get done when the patient is at the visit the better.

John B. Waits

John B. Waits, MD, FAAFP, Chief Executive Officer

Cahaba Medical Care

When we have a patient with a positive diagnosis, the clinical team has a feeling of satisfaction. We know we will intervene with a referral to eyecare the same day, potentially saving their vision.

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Nicholas Hermann, PA-C Medical Champion

Tarzana Treatment Centers