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Digital Diagnostics' leaders and users discuss how ethical AI improves access to quality healthcare for all people, wherever they are, particularly for those in underserved communities.

About Us

Committed to Ethical AI Healthcare

Digital Diagnostics is a leading AI diagnostic healthcare technology company on a mission to transform the quality, accessibility, and affordability of healthcare world-wide.

100 Members and Counting

Digital Diagnostics has reached an exciting milestone—over 100 team members

Our Approach to AI

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Our AI systems enable disease detection at the point-of-care that would typically involve specialists, increasing patient access.

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Clinically Aligned

Our algorithms are developed with insights from leading medical experts and are based on existing clinical practice guidelines.

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Our deep learning-based detectors search for the same signs of disease as a clinician, so we know how the AI came to its decision.

LumineticsCore™: Autonomous AI That Detects Disease

Increase patient access to early disease detection.

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LumineticsCore™ is the First Autonomous AI System Cleared by the FDA to Provide a Diagnostic Decision

Pivotal trial demonstrated high performance in a real-world clinical setting.

"LumineticsCore™ really is cutting edge technology that helps me market to patients, prevent vision loss from diabetes, and improve my quality scores."

Read how LumineticsCore™ is transforming care and access for patients at Johns Creek.


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LumineticsCore™ really is cutting-edge technology that helps me market to patients, prevent vision loss from diabetes, and improve my quality scores.

Lee Herman, MD, FACP

Johns Creek Primary Care

Something new is on the horizon.

Digital Diagnostics' flagship product, IDx-DR, has a new name and a new logo. Say hello to LumineticsCore™. The updated name more clearly represents Digital Diagnostics’ dedication to transforming the accessibility, affordability, equity, and quality of global healthcare through the application of technology in the medical diagnosis and treatment process.