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The Coralville medical tech start-up that secured historic FDA approval in 2018 is looking to grow under new leadership.

2020 will be our year of mass adoption,” says John Bertand, the new CEO of Coralville-based company IDx Technologies Inc.

Bertand joins IDx as part of a leadership shuffle. His predecessor, IDx founder Michael Abramoff, took over the executive chairman position after Gary Seamans resigned from the position in 2018.

Bertand takes the reins more than a year after the US Food and Drug Administration approved the company’s automatic AI device, which detects certain diabetes-related diseases in eyes. With approval, the device became the first of its kind to receive a green light from the FDA.

The device, called LumineticsCore™ (formerly known as IDx-DR), works as a screener for diabetic retinopathy, which causes blindness. IDx’s software uses AI to analyze images taken of an eye and spits out one of two outcomes to a healthcare provider: the patient has “more than mild diabetic retinopathy” and needs to be referred to an eye care professional or the patient does not have more than mild diabetic retinopathy, but still needs to be retested in one year.