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Dr. Michael Abramoff, MD, PhD, Founder and Executive Chairman of Digital Diagnostics joins a panel at the AIMed Global Summit discussing the ethics of AI.

Familiarize yourself the key ethical issues inherent in AI and the guiding principles to help make confident and informed decisions. Touching on the challenges, opportunities and the grey in-between posed by AI. This session aims to add a real-world lens on the adoption and scaling up of AI.

  • Maintaining fairness and avoiding unintended bias
  • Tackling the ‘algorithmic bias’ can of worms – where to start, what are the guidelines and guardrails to follow?
  • Secure by design – do we truly understand what is under the hood of a black box and do we need to?
  • What tools and frameworks are out there to address ethical issues to aid a smoother, robust pathway forward?
  • How do we ensure diversity, equality and inclusion in the data?
  • What can we learn from the challenges seen across clinical trials in getting a representative data set?