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You can’t treat what you don’t understand. And the COVID pandemic showed us all too clearly that there’s value in a definitive diagnosis.  Early diagnoses can curtail disease, save money, and save lives.  Traditional diagnostics can be complex and time consuming, with multiple referrals and specialists involved.  Often, they are expensive or highly invasive. There is a better way.

A new wave of diagnostic approaches are providing better, faster and cheaper insights and allowing for earlier interventions, treatments and action.  AI and machine learning techniques are starting to provide doctors with a new level of diagnostic insights.  Virtual exams and continuous surveillance of patients with IoMT devices also provide needed information for both initial diagnosis as well as monitoring for drug/treatment response.

Whether these are companion diagnostics for next gen drugs, direct to consumer tests or IoMT devices, this next wave of diagnostics driven by tech and AI, are driving big business and better health outcomes.