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Every year over 60,000 people go blind from diabetic retinopathy, a complication of diabetes that can be prevented if diagnosed in the early stages. However, as few as 15% of people living with diabetes receive an annual eye exam for diabetes to check for diabetic retinopathy.

The solution: Digital Diagnostics’ flagship product, LumineticsCore™ (formerly IDx-DR).

LumineticsCore is the first FDA-cleared autonomous AI diagnostic system designed to detect diabetic retinopathy (including macular edema) at the point-of-care.

LumineticsCore is modeled to look for and make decisions based on the same clinical disease detectors that eyecare specialists use. By providing an autonomous diagnosis at the point-of-care, the system allows for increased patient access to a potentially sight-saving diagnosis and expanded care offerings by non-eyecare providers.

LumineticsCore is the flagship product in Digital Diagnostics’ vision to break down barriers in healthcare and create a future where ethically founded AI diagnostic systems can increase access to quality healthcare and improve patient outcomes.

As of today, Digital Diagnostics’ customers have tested and identified thousands of cases of diabetic retinopathy that were previously undiagnosed. One customer, Johns Creek Primary Care, doubled their referable cases of diabetic retinopathy after adopting LumineticsCore and increased compliance rates with eye exams for diabetes from 16% to 51% based on a year over year data comparison.

With LumineticsCore, providers have the ability to help patients with diabetes get their annual eye exams for diabetes at the point-of-care, while also closing the HEDIS and MIPS care gaps. This becomes particularly effective when you consider how many patients may have skipped their traditional eyecare exam. Using AI technology allows for the referral of only those patients identified as most at risk and is backed with the weight of early disease identification.

To learn more about LumineticsCore, check out our Product Video.