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LumineticsCore: A letter from the CEO

It's a new dawn in healthcare.

Digital Diagnostics hit another milestone in our mission to break down barriers in healthcare. The company’s flagship product, IDx-DR, has been rebranded and is now called LumineticsCore™. 

While the product remains the same in function, the new name, logo, and branding reflect our mission and pay tribute to Digital Diagnostics. LumineticsCore references the words “illuminate,” which means to supply or brighten with light, and “cybernetics”, which is the science of communications and automatic control systems in both machines and living things.   

The “Core” identifier denotes LumineticsCore as the first in the Luminetics product line and represents the central nature of the flagship diagnostic system within the Digital Diagnostics suite of products. The new name, LumineticsCore, better illustrates how the system uses science, tech, and imagery to diagnose disease autonomously. 

The product logo keeps the same look and feel as the Digital Diagnostics logo with a spherical shape and aligns with the company’s mission to illustrate the continuous and encompassing cycle of care. 

There were several reasons for this rebrand, one being the former product name, IDx-DR, letters were easily interchanged and it conveyed a more clinical, robotic feel. Customers, patients, and industry experts can now feel comfortable speaking about and interacting with LumineticsCore.  

We are excited to introduce LumineticsCore and look forward to a future product suite on the horizon. For more information on LumineticsCore and to read the press release, click here.