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Fostering a Culture of Innovation and Collaboration: Inside Digital Diagnostics’ Third Company Hackathon

Digital Diagnostics is dedicated to enhancing patient outcomes through the use of state-of-the-art technology, while fostering a culture of continuous learning, innovation, creativity, and problem-solving. This was clearly illustrated during Digital Diagnostics’ third company Hackathon.

Digital Diagnostics 2023 Hackathon - Employee working on computer

Hackathon: a collaborative, time-limited event where individuals gather to work intensively on accomplishing a common objective, such as developing innovative solutions to complex problems or challenges. Hackathons typically focus on technology and software development; however, they can cover a wide range of topics and have proven to be successful across a variety of fields.

Hackathons provide benefits that extend far beyond the products, solutions, and ideas borne from them. They also provide an ideal environment for innovation and collaboration, allowing employees to explore unconventional ideas, experiment with new concepts, and team up with colleagues from various backgrounds.

The most recent Digital Diagnostics’ Hackathon brought together employees from the Engineering, Machine Learning, Product, and Customer Success teams for two days of cross-collaboration, innovation, and team-bonding activities.

Digital Diagnostics 2023 Hackathon group picture of all who participated in the event

For members of our Engineering department, the Hackathon provided the perfect opportunity to explore areas beyond their regular responsibilities, devoting time to brainstorming innovative ideas and breakthrough solutions that can help address real-world challenges and bring us closer to our goal of changing healthcare for the better.

Digital Diagnostics Hackathon 2023 collaboration taking place during event

The integration of additional departments fostered a collaborative environment while also offering a curated space where diverse perspectives are welcomed and celebrated. Attendees had the opportunity to practice company core behaviors such as being inclusive, having fun, and going all in while being encouraged to speak freely, and engage with coworkers and company executives.

CEO John Bertrand collaborating with 2023 Hackathon participants

The Hackathon also included opportunities for participants to engage with one another outside their usual work environments, including team dinners and social outings.

Digital Diagnostics’ third company Hackathon was organized in-house by the Culture Club at Digital Diagnostics and attendees were encouraged to contribute to the creation of the official Hackathon t-shirt through a t-shirt design contest before the event.

Digital Diagnostics Hackathon 2023 shirt design

The care and attention to detail that were evident through the planning, execution, and participation of the Hackathon serve as a reminder that employees of Digital Diagnostics have the power to shape the culture in which they wish to thrive.

To learn more about the company culture at Digital Diagnostics, visit the Digital Diagnostics Careers Page.