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The UAE has been dubbed a key “emerging market” for autonomous AI healthcare solutions by Digital Diagnostics Inc., formerly known as IDx, which has acquired 3Derm Systems Inc. of Boston, MA. The acquisition makes Digital Diagnostics the sole holder of autonomous AI healthcare software tools that are De Novo authorized by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Digital Diagnostics’ acquisition is an important milestone in efforts to improve the quality, affordability, and accessibility of healthcare through autonomous AI, and helping to reduce suffering through earlier diagnoses. 

In “autonomous AI,” it is the computer, not the clinician, making the medical decisions, enabling patients to obtain diagnoses for serious conditions when and where they receive frontline medical care. The ability to receive an instantaneous diagnosis from frontline care providers has been shown to lead to better outcomes for patients, especially those from underserved populations. 

The company rebrand from IDx to Digital Diagnostics reflects the firm’s expanded suite of autonomous AI products in multiple specializations. This acquisition will help Digital Diagnostics introduce the autonomous AI system that diagnoses skin cancer, elevating the company into an entirely new field of medical specialty. This new diagnostic tool makes early-stage diagnosis of serious conditions possible, ensuring that the disease is less likely to progress and ultimately ensuring an improvement in patient outcomes.