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Digital Diagnostics was founded by Dr. Michael Abramoff to use technology to improve patient access to high quality care, save all stakeholders real dollars, and directly improve patient outcomes. They do this using artificial intelligence that is FDA authorized to remove the physician oversight from standard of care tests. This gives patients instantaneous results and immediate referral to specialty care for treatment. In doing this, providers practice top of license, payers save significant medical expenses, and the patients have demonstrably better outcomes.

Their expanding platform enables the deployment of specialty care sensors into primary care and retail health. Using their patented biomarker-driven development process, they migrate specialty care previously offered in person or as telehealth to FDA authorized fully autonomous AI diagnostics. Its first ever autonomous AI was cleared by the FDA in 2018 for diagnosing diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema. More recently, Digital Diagnostics acquired 3Derm who has FDA breakthrough status for its autonomous AI focused on diagnosing skin cancers.

“What distinguishes our company from the competition is our ever-expanding platform of fully autonomous AI, and our ability to take existing sensor-driven diagnostics from human cognition to AI-driven” said John Bertrand, Chief Executive Officer at Digital Diagnostics.

“This included designing autonomous AI algorithms that minimize racial, ethnic and other undesirable biases, uniquely accepting full accountability including legal liability for its AI performance, and ensuring that its AI’s improve patient outcomes,” Dr. Michael Abramoff says. “As such, democratizing access to high quality care is inherent in what we do and foundational to eliminating disparities in health care.”