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Digital Diagnostics Founder Co-Authors Paper on Improving Access to Treatment

Coralville, Iowa September 26, 2023 — Dr. Michael D. Abramoff, founder and executive chairman of Digital Diagnostics, creator of the LumineticsCore™ AI system for diagnosing diabetic retinopathy, has authored a publication on Artificial Intelligence bias and equity in healthcare. Titled Considerations for Addressing Bias in Artificial Intelligence for Health Equity, the publication was co-authored by experts from the University of Iowa, University of California Berkeley, Stanford University, FDA Centers for Devices and Radiological Health, and OCHIN.

The publication focuses on the role AI can play in improving health equity and how undesirable bias in artificial intelligence and machine learning can be identified. The authors created a framework to identify and mitigate biases following a process that enables positive impacts at each phase:

  • Conceptualization
  • Design
  • Development
  • Validation
  • Deployment and monitoring

“Concerns about undesirable bias in AI have recently become widespread, and as we at Digital Diagnostics and other stakeholders have shown, undesirable bias can be addressed and AI can be used to improve health inequity. It is therefore an honor to explain how AI bias can be both measured and addressed,” said Dr. Abramoff, founder and Executive Chairman of Digital Diagnostics. “My hope is that our research and framework to identify and mitigate AI bias will shed additional light on the inequities that exist in the healthcare system and inspire progress toward equitable AI solutions.”

The goal of the framework is to serve as the impetus for conversations between all healthcare stakeholders within the AI total product lifecycle, including bioethicists, AI creators, regulatory agencies, patients, clinicians and their professional societies, payors, and value-based care organizations. This is the third of several papers Dr. Abramoff has authored that will be published in the near future in collaboration with FDA on AI regulation and improving health equity to maximize access to high-quality healthcare.

Read the full paper: Considerations for addressing bias in artificial intelligence for health equity

About Digital Diagnostics

Digital Diagnostics Inc. is a pioneering AI diagnostics company on a mission to transform the quality, accessibility, equity, and affordability of global health care through the application of technology in the medical diagnosis and treatment process. The company, originally founded by Michael D. Abramoff, MD, PhD, a neuroscientist, practicing fellowship-trained retina specialist, and computer engineer, is led by him and co-founders John Bertrand and Seth Rainford.

Digital Diagnostics is paving the way for autonomous and assistive AI technology that is free of bias to become a new standard of care, contributing to democratizing health care and closing care gaps. The company works closely with patient advocacy groups, provider organizations, regulators, and other quality of care and ethics-focused stakeholders to enable the adoption of health care AI. For more information and the latest news follow: